River, Cookies, and Concerts

Updates since last week:

I finished "Me Before You" and cried my eyes out, because it is still the saddest story, even if you have read it/seen the movie, and then proceeded to watch the movie, again.  Sam Claflin + Emilia Clarke = beautifulllllll people.

As I had mentioned earlier, my phone died so i've been waiting for the iPhone 8 to come out.  I purchased it + a $100 beautiful PROTECTIVE case in my favorite color of the moment on Tuesday morning.  I came home, worked on some personal touches for that big cookie order, and then Bryan and I met our friends, Ben + Katie (a couple) to inner tube down the Russian River!  I brought the phone because it now had a waterproof case + the phone is "water resistant" whatever that means.  I took some photos and documented it (unlike the time I went with Bryan and Niki which i'll never forgive myself for).  We finished our 3 hour run and somehow my phone was lost.  We tore two cars apart and retraced our steps and finally admitted defeat.  The next morning we both checked our cars again (we had had a few drinks on the river, obviously, so we wanted clear minds) and still nothing.  I begged Bryan to have Ben do one more thorough check and this morning he texted saying he found it!  Thank goodness!  I'll never let her go again.

My cookie event went well!  I ended up making brownie cookie sandwiches with a salted caramel frosting + a little extra caramel sauce and sea salt.  As I mentioned previously, I am a big procrastinator, and did not start doing anything until the day before.  That might have been ok if I was just making cookies, but I decided that I wanted to hand cut, hand heart hole punch, hand stamp, and hand write little kraft labels for each cookie sandwich.  Plus, each cookie sandwich was individually bagged, taped, and then ribboned like a present with a tag attached to each.  I didn't even start baking until 8:00 that night, after we got home from the river in terribly sad moods and realized I needed to make another trip to the store (about 12 minutes each way).  Thank goodness my husband is the best husband ever and he packaged each cookie sandwich, taped each bag shut, and cut a bunch of string for me.  He finally went to bed at 3, I believe.  At 5:00, I decided I physically could not do anything else.  I got less than 2.5 hours of sleep but finished with enough time to do dishes and shower.  I had originally wanted to write "salted caramel brownie sandwich" and my website on each package, but I was only physically able to do about 30 or 40.  It hurt my obsessive compulsiveness but I just didn't have time.  Long story short, I was very happy with how they came out and snapped a few pictures of the whole 150 of them in a box, but just didn't have time or energy to get some individual shots.  I'll have to do a small batch just for photos.  The brownies and caramel sauce (I ran out of frosting) were Niki approved, so I feel good about it all!

Yesterday was a jam packed day! I was on my 2.5 hours of sleep and had to drive to SF to deliver those cookies, but I made it there right on time!!! (I also drive fast, which it seems like NO ONE does anymore).  I caught up with a friend for some much needed coffee for a few hours, visited my cousin at work and ate by myself, (which I am soooo proud of myself for, although I would not have been able to do it had she not been working, but baby steps) got to see my mama for an hour or so, and then went to an epic concert with Niki.  We went because she is obsessed with this Chicago rapper, Joey Purp, who was opening for Mura Masa.  We did not know Mura Masa, so we spotify-d him prior to the show, and were pumped.  Random show, because Joey is a rapper and Mura Masa is an electric DJ, but, somehow it worked.  When we bought the tickets, the day they came out, we stupidly and accidentally got tickets for the very last row, ha.  The venue was the Fox, in Oakland, which has general admission standing room on the first floor and seating above.  Niki tried really hard to get us on the floor, but everyone said no, so we decided to just stand in the front row of the balcony, because we assumed it wouldn't fill up.  For Joey Purp we were good and no one was upstairs and it was still a really good view.  Between the time Joey was done and Mura Masa started, the place FILLED up, but somehow no one showed up for the seats we were standing in front of (thank goodness because I was going to have a heart attack at the thought of someone busting us).  Mura Masa is a 21 year old Britishy Frenchish DJ (he's from a made up country called Guernsey/it's not made up but i'd never heard of it) that is so talented it hurts me.  He plays a million instruments and even sings.  His music is so great if you play him on the radio, but live it is surreal.  We were dancing like crazy and had the time of our lives.  He had two special guests - Bonzai, who sings on one of his songs and sang on 2 or 3 tracks, and then Fliss, who I can find no info about, sang vocals on a bunch of songs and was a great dancer and entertainer, although my most favorite parts of his set were when he was alone just playing his music.  Niki and I do this new thing where we don't get drunk for events because we experience it more fully and it's great!!!!!  It was a great show and if he comes back to town we will see him!  I then drove home for 1.5 hours.  I don't know how I did it, but I lived to see today!  Today Bryan and I picked up my phone from work, had breakfast at a place in Healdsburg that was OK, then went to Goodwill and got a dresser for 30 dollars (all of his stuff is in crates and it's killing me).  We tried to fit it in the car but it was an inch too wide, so we rented a UHAUL for an hour.  We got home and he sanded it,  He also started to sand a daybed from Kim + Ken that we are going to re-do.  I was basically a waste today because I woke up too early out of excitement for my phone (I am a firm believer in getting enough sleep and if you "sleep in" it's probably your body needing it) until I started this blog 3 hours ago (yikes).

Currently reading: "The Book of Secrets" by Deepak Chopra

Currently listening: Mura Masa anything, but favorite songs are "Messy Love" and "Love for That"

Current color obsession: anything in the range of robin's egg blue to sea foam green to mint

Upcoming projects: dresser re-do, day bed re-do, felt tropical garland, and Halloween costume

Upcoming Caballito event: Kim's birthday at Shed, so I am making her birthday cake

Upcoming Brynne events: nephew's 6th birthday party 9/30, meeting baby Lorenzo + catch up with Maria and Lis 10/1, John Mulaney 10/5, Terror Jr 10/6