Museum of Ice Cream

Hello!  As promised, here is my big Museum of Ice Cream blog!  

First things first, I've been waiting for this day for months!  I discovered MOIC when they were in LA and followed them on Instagram, falling more in love with each post.  I knew the squad I wanted to go with: my sister, Niki, and my cousin, Ericka.  I did some digging before the next city was announced and read one article in which the founder said she'd LIKE to come to SF next.  Fast forward to several weeks ago when they made the SF announcement official!  I set an alarm for the morning of general ticket sales.  At EXACTLY 9:00 A.M. when tickets went on sale, I clicked the button.  I was immediately entered into a virtual queue (something I didn't know existed, but feel is pretty frickin' cool!). I was in serious panic mode because I had to leave for work at 9:30.  The page very clearly said not to refresh, but I couldn't help but wonder if the screen was frozen.  I couldn't concentrate and my heart was racing so fast, but 15 minutes in, the purchase tickets screen appeared!  I was able to purchase 4 tickets!!!!  I started a group chat with all of us and we got outfit ideas rolling immediately.  We had a little less than a month to finalize everything, so we all hopped on the internet to find some stuff.  Morgan found these adorable skirts from a company on Amazon that she has used before (CowCow), so she knew sizing was accurate and was able to describle what the material would be (polyester/spandex).  We had to do expedited shipping, as they were coming from China.  I knew I wanted ice cream earrings, so I researched and found some really cute ones.  As is normal with me, I procrastinated, and by the time I was ready to order earrings, they definitely wouldn't arrive on time.  Luckily, FANCY SPRINKLES had 2 pairs of super cute big plastic earrings, so I got x2 of each!  The week leading up to the big day we all finalized the shirts we'd be wearing - Niki had purple, Morgan had pink, Ericka had orangish red, and I had teal.

Fast forward to the day of.  Since MOIC is in SF, I had to make the trek out there.  Luckily/not so luckily, our tenants were having some home issues, so Bryan decided to drive down with me to check it all out, therefore, I didn't have to take the bus.  Morgan, Ericka, and I met in Oakland, and Niki met us at an SF Bart station.  I'll admit, I was a little self-conscious about us all matching in public, but there was no one on BART and the girl at Starbucks loved it! We got in line, which had the most beautiful glitter pink stanchion (did anyone else know that's what the ropes that are used to form lines at events are called?) and waited!

The staff were dressed in all light pink, because of course.  We got let in and had to wait in the entryway until a few more people were admitted.  These people would become members of our "team", which we were forced to name.  I think we ended up being "Sprinkle Mint Chip". We needed a team captain, and luckily there was this ADORABLE girl in SWAN SUSPENDERS that was up to the challenge.  To be honest, the 4 of us hated this part and hated the idea that we'd be grouped like this, so we were a little stressed about what was to come.  We went over some "rules," learned a little bit about the history of the building (it was an old bank and the bottom floor was covered in concrete and the MOIC team demolished it and created perfection), did a little bit of cheesy team chanting, and then, thankfully, we were released.  The first room had a ring toss where my OLD phone tragically took it's last breath as I tried to boomerang Niki tossing.  The next room was the most beautiful pink diner with a sundae from BIRITE that they made exclusively for MOIC.  It tasted "like Christmas" was what one of the staff members said.  Also in this room was a pink juke box (I made a mental note not to describe everything as beautiful, but please know, it all was) and records all over the wall with ice cream related words replacing either the artist's name or the song.  For example, VANILLA Morrison's "BROWNIE Eyed Girl".  The next room was a wall full of pink magnet letters for us to write whatever we wanted.  It was here I learned that we all have 6 letter names, as they are what I wrote out with the letters.  There were 3 types of mochi being given out here, so we all made sure to get a different flavor to each try (chocolate, strawberry, cookies and cream). We then received cotton candy with edible glitter spray on it!!!!!!  There was a metallic wall with cherries all over it + humongous hanging clouds and cherries that we posed with.  Life sized gummy bears in a beautiful village of sweets filled the next room.  After that was a room with a few large popsicle sculptures and wallpaper that had a million different popsicles on it.  There was a small kaleidoscope room that gave us our band's album cover picture, if we ever start one.  A rainbow painted room awaited us with a magical unicorn named Grant and "Unicorn Milk" soft serve with a cone that was dipped in what I believe was hot pink melted white chocolate before adding the ice cream.  There was also a small room you had to crawl into that was the inside of a disco ball.  We later found out this was the unicorn's stable, of course.  We were handed pop rocks for the next room, which was a life size rock candy wall with a rock climbing wall next to it that Niki had to climb (she ALWAYS wants to rock climb when I am with her).  Once she got up, she couldn't get down, and I had to help her.  There was a heaven-sent pink stairway we walked up to get to the grand finale, the sprinkle pool.  We waited in line to go in in groups, as it's a pretty small pool.  There was a big life preserver to take photos with and a sprinkle fountain to observe while waiting.  We were given some rules, took our shoes off, and then got a bunch of amazing photos in the pool!!!!!!  Our timeframe was very small and we snapped pictures until the very last second.  We thought the exhibit was over until we stepped out and saw three "rooms" designed differently, with a swing (or 2) in each!  The first room had bananas, the second was pink glitter, and the third had whipped cream canisters from floor to ceiling.  There were two ice cream flavors for sale, but we just asked for samples, and they were truthfully the same flavor, except that one had circus animal cookies in it.  There was a ping pong table that Morgan and Niki played a round on and then a fun little gift store!  They had playing cards, which Morgan has been collecting forever, so she had to get them!  There were a ton of cute things in the gift shop, but I refrained from making any purchases.  All the staff complimented our matching skirts and earrings, YAY! We had a great time and to me, it was well worth the price ($38 each).

Pictures below!