What's New Pussycat?

Hey all!  I really have to stop disappearing for so long, don't I?  There's too much to catch up on in one small post.  I'll make it short and sweet.  Married life:  things are great and the same, nothing too different.  Bryan and I have been talking about starting a family soon, so that is on my mind 24/7 +.  My dreams are full of babies!  Will update once that's a thing.  House:  it'll never be done and I have to accept that.  We have done so much to the house and i'm not complaining, but i'm a dreamer and a planner and I wish I could just snap my fingers and have it done.  But, that wouldn't be too fun, would it?  Once the dining room is done, then I am ready to have a party!  I will post a bunch of before and after pictures once that room is done.  After that, besides small things here and there, as well as both the front and back yard, the only MAJOR project is the kitchen.  It's presentable, just not cute, so I am not going to rush to fix that!  Remodeling homes ain't cheap!!  Work:  the new shop is finally almost open!  I think i'll find it within the week when I will be transferring and making the big bucks, HA.  I am excited, it's a GREAT opportunity for me.  CABALLITO:  I have FINALLY received my referral.  Tomorrow morning I plan to go down to CITY HALL to make this shit final.  I ordered some more twine and Niki and I have designed my labels.  I also found the cutest jars, so I just need to do a practice jar and photograph it.  I'm listening to T-Swift right now getting pumped!  Life is short and it's easy to fall into a pattern of laziness and I want to push through it and do something with my 29th year (which is FAST approaching!)  I am taking a road trip to Oregon/Washington with Lis mid-August and Bryan and I are joining his father and step-mother in St. John for Thanksgiving this year, so I have some pretty exciting things to look forward.  Not to mention, I have a HOUSE, a HUSBAND, 2 beautiful CAT DAUGHTERS, a steady kick-ass JOB, and a serious future with my own business.  

P.S. Niki and I did a friend's wedding a few weeks ago as violette + amarilla, our collaboration business, which includes flowers, and we were very happy with our arrangements.  I also did the wedding cake!  Pictures to come..