Hi all!  I have been planning on updating this blog for what seems like years!  Looking back, it's been about 7 months?  Yikes!  Where to start!  I'm married!  Bryan and I tied the knot on October 23rd in Tilden Park in Berkeley.  All of our closest friends and family were there with us throughout our whole weird party!  I had SO much fun planning it and putting special details into it, but honestly, I am SO glad it is over.  Relieved.  Never want to do that again.  EVER.  Neither he nor I are comfortable in the spotlight, so the whole ceremony in front of everyone was so uncomfortable.  My beautiful cousin, Suzy, did a great job officiating, though.  It was a lot of fun and the pictures make it all worth it.  The photo booth pictures were great, also!  I'll create a separate post specific towards the day with pictures!  Besides that, Bryan and I finally bought a house!!!!!  It only took a million years and one failed ALMOST purchase that lasted 2 months too long.  It is now ours and we are working on it every day to make it perfect!  It was built in 1926, so it is "old" and has a lot of character, but the previous owners painted it all white and made it pretty much move-in ready.  But not to our standards.  They had separated the living room and dining room, turning the dining room into a third bedroom.  We had no need or desire for that, so we took down a bunch of walls.  Or rather, Bryan did.  The hardwood floors are beautiful, but they had a bunch of terrible scratches in them.  We attempted to sand off the top layer and just reshine them.  It didn't work as perfectly as we'd hoped, but we can pay a guy somewhere down the line.  Besides that, it was just a lot of painting all the rooms inside.  We are almost 100% out of the old apartment.  We have been sleeping in the new home for over a week, but our stuff is still all over.  It has definitely been overwhelming, but will all be worth it in the end.  I am still at my job at Craftsman and Wolves.  I am an administrative assistant manager, which has been great experience for my future bakery/shop.  It has gotten harder, but I try to work as hard as I can!  My 2015 goal, apart from all the others, is to legit post MUCH more often.  Fingers crossed! Happy New Year!