What's New Pussycat?

Hey all!  I really have to stop disappearing for so long, don't I?  There's too much to catch up on in one small post.  I'll make it short and sweet.  Married life:  things are great and the same, nothing too different.  Bryan and I have been talking about starting a family soon, so that is on my mind 24/7 +.  My dreams are full of babies!  Will update once that's a thing.  House:  it'll never be done and I have to accept that.  We have done so much to the house and i'm not complaining, but i'm a dreamer and a planner and I wish I could just snap my fingers and have it done.  But, that wouldn't be too fun, would it?  Once the dining room is done, then I am ready to have a party!  I will post a bunch of before and after pictures once that room is done.  After that, besides small things here and there, as well as both the front and back yard, the only MAJOR project is the kitchen.  It's presentable, just not cute, so I am not going to rush to fix that!  Remodeling homes ain't cheap!!  Work:  the new shop is finally almost open!  I think i'll find it within the week when I will be transferring and making the big bucks, HA.  I am excited, it's a GREAT opportunity for me.  CABALLITO:  I have FINALLY received my referral.  Tomorrow morning I plan to go down to CITY HALL to make this shit final.  I ordered some more twine and Niki and I have designed my labels.  I also found the cutest jars, so I just need to do a practice jar and photograph it.  I'm listening to T-Swift right now getting pumped!  Life is short and it's easy to fall into a pattern of laziness and I want to push through it and do something with my 29th year (which is FAST approaching!)  I am taking a road trip to Oregon/Washington with Lis mid-August and Bryan and I are joining his father and step-mother in St. John for Thanksgiving this year, so I have some pretty exciting things to look forward.  Not to mention, I have a HOUSE, a HUSBAND, 2 beautiful CAT DAUGHTERS, a steady kick-ass JOB, and a serious future with my own business.  

P.S. Niki and I did a friend's wedding a few weeks ago as violette + amarilla, our collaboration business, which includes flowers, and we were very happy with our arrangements.  I also did the wedding cake!  Pictures to come..


Hi all!  I have been planning on updating this blog for what seems like years!  Looking back, it's been about 7 months?  Yikes!  Where to start!  I'm married!  Bryan and I tied the knot on October 23rd in Tilden Park in Berkeley.  All of our closest friends and family were there with us throughout our whole weird party!  I had SO much fun planning it and putting special details into it, but honestly, I am SO glad it is over.  Relieved.  Never want to do that again.  EVER.  Neither he nor I are comfortable in the spotlight, so the whole ceremony in front of everyone was so uncomfortable.  My beautiful cousin, Suzy, did a great job officiating, though.  It was a lot of fun and the pictures make it all worth it.  The photo booth pictures were great, also!  I'll create a separate post specific towards the day with pictures!  Besides that, Bryan and I finally bought a house!!!!!  It only took a million years and one failed ALMOST purchase that lasted 2 months too long.  It is now ours and we are working on it every day to make it perfect!  It was built in 1926, so it is "old" and has a lot of character, but the previous owners painted it all white and made it pretty much move-in ready.  But not to our standards.  They had separated the living room and dining room, turning the dining room into a third bedroom.  We had no need or desire for that, so we took down a bunch of walls.  Or rather, Bryan did.  The hardwood floors are beautiful, but they had a bunch of terrible scratches in them.  We attempted to sand off the top layer and just reshine them.  It didn't work as perfectly as we'd hoped, but we can pay a guy somewhere down the line.  Besides that, it was just a lot of painting all the rooms inside.  We are almost 100% out of the old apartment.  We have been sleeping in the new home for over a week, but our stuff is still all over.  It has definitely been overwhelming, but will all be worth it in the end.  I am still at my job at Craftsman and Wolves.  I am an administrative assistant manager, which has been great experience for my future bakery/shop.  It has gotten harder, but I try to work as hard as I can!  My 2015 goal, apart from all the others, is to legit post MUCH more often.  Fingers crossed! Happy New Year!

Welcome and let's take a trip down memory lane....

Hey all!  I don't know why, but I thought it would be a great idea to have separate blogs for starting a business and planning a wedding.  However, it's all me and all part of my crazy life, so I decided to morph them into one blog!  And even better, I've attached it to my website!  So, here's a little back story and hopefully I can super shorten all my past entries.  I got engaged in December and am getting married this October.  I have posted a few entries along the way about the planning process and events that have taken place during this time!  Also amazingly, I have finally taken more steps than ever to get my business up and running.  My business, of course, is delicious sweets of all kinds.  I started a blog to track my progress along the way!  I'll try to just take all the pictures I posted and summarize everything I wrote, because who needs to read a million words.  Yay! Thanks for reading!